This Baby's Mother's donated extra Breastmilk may save a baby's

life in the NICU...

Premature babies need human breast milk to decrease the incidence of life-threatening newborn infections.  But, because some mothers are unable to produce milk at first, or ever; safe, pasteurized donor human milk is needed.

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Mothers Milk Bank of Tennessee

Mothers' Milk Bank of Tennessee (MMBTN), a developing Milk Bank with the Human Milk Banking Association of North America (HMBANA), is a non-profit donor human milk bank dedicated to providing safe, pasteurized donor breast milk to premature infants.

Without safe, pasteurized donor breast milk, many premature infants cannot survive; if they develop Necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC), they may have to have surgical removal of an extensive portion of their bowel. 

MMBTN serves Tennessee and the United States.

Ruby was born premature and received donor milk from our partner Milk Bank in Austin, TX

How to Donate to Mothers' Milk Bank of Tennessee

Donate Money

A donation to the Mothers' Milk Bank of Tennessee is an investment in improved survival and development for vulnerable babies born too soon and too small. Your financial donation is greatly appreciated.

Donate Milk

Mothers' Milk Bank of Tennessee has partnered with the Mothers’ Milk Bank of Austin, TX which will be processing milk for Tennessee mothers until Mothers' Milk Bank of Tennessee has its own processing facilities.


Parents Recommend

- Elaina H.

"I did want to share a sweet story with ya'll.  I just had an employee of the hospital drop off milk. She was a surrogate and delivered a baby in April.  She has been pumping since April just to donate milk."

L.B. – Nashville, TN

I have always wanted to breastfeed. Before I started my nursing career and was aware of the benefits of breastfeeding, I knew I wanted to do it.

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