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Breastmilk is the best nutrition for newborns.

But some babies don't have access to breastmilk at birth. Mothers' Milk Bank of Tennessee is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit milk bank dedicated to providing safe, pasteurized donor human milk to the most vulnerable babies in need of lifesaving nutrition.


Studies show the use of only human milk to feed preterm and low birth weight infants reduces mortality by 75%.

Helping Babies Survive & Thrive
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Donor Milk


"Donor milk has had a tremendous impact on our patients - we use it like medicine because it is one of the most healing "treatments" we can provide. We care for the smallest, sickest and most vulnerable babies and as such want to make sure they have the most biologically optimal nutrition. We always use mother's milk first but when this is not possible, donor milk is the next best bridge or substitute for mother's milk." - Stephanie Attarian, MD

Journey of a Milk Drop

Milk Donor Screening

Prospective milk donors complete a screening process which includes an application, medical screening, blood test and physician's consent. Our milk donors are volunteers who produce milk in excess of their own babies’ needs.

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