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Your Extra Milk Can Help Save Lives

Thank you for your interest in donating your milk to the Mothers’ Milk Bank of Tennessee. Without mothers like you, we simply could not exist. Your support further advances our mission to provide safe, pasteurized donor human milk to the most vulnerable babies. 

Screening Process

Breast milk donor prescreening application.

Complete Prescreening Form

Breast milk donor screening.

Phone Interview

Breast milk donor application.

Complete Donor Application

Steps to become a breast milk donor in Tennessee.

Obtain Doctor's Consent

Process of becoming a breast milk donor in Tennessee.

Blood Test

How to become a breast milk donor in Tennessee.

Approval to Donate


  • An initial minimum donation of 100 ounces is required to begin the prescreening process

  • In good health and not using tobacco products, CBD oil, marijuana, or recreational drugs.

  • At low risk, along with their sexual partner(s), for communicable diseases (i.e. HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B or C, or Syphilis).

  • Every bottle/bag has remained frozen since collection and is clearly labeled with the date collected, including the year

  • No donated milk has been frozen for longer than 8 months

  • All the milk was collected before the baby's second birthday.

  • Questions about approved medications? Please contact Angela Plunkett.


Each year, hundreds of Tennessee moms share their extra milk.

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