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Donating After Loss

The loss of a baby is a profound and devastating experience. We are here to provide you with information on your lactation options. Some mothers find a sense of healing by donating their breastmilk to other babies in need. Teardrops and Milk Drops is our donor program for bereaved mothers that offers a simplified path to donating milk after a loss. Becoming a milk donor after the devastating loss of a child is a very personal decision.

At Mothers' Milk Bank of Tennessee, ALL mothers are at the center of our mission. We know all babies are forever held in our hearts as mothers. 


"We gave birth to a little baby girl and she only lived 31 hours. We wanted to be able to breast pump and donate to others in her memory. We were able to pump and donate over 3000 ounces. It was a great way to help us continue to memorialize our precious little angel that had Trisomy 13.

- Jodie

For Physicians

At Mothers' Milk Bank of Tennessee, we believe it is crucial to provide bereaved mothers information about managing their milk production and to support them in the decisions they make about their milk. 

We have developed a brochure for you to distribute to bereaved mothers. It provides an overview of lactation options after a loss. 

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