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17th Milk Drop Depot at Memphis Pediatrics

Mothers' Milk Bank of Tennessee is thrilled to announce the opening of the 17th Milk Drop Depot at Memphis Pediatrics. Amanda Holt will serve as the Depot Director. We are thrilled to expand our reach in the Memphis area through this strategic partnership.

A grand opening celebration will be held at a later date this spring.

If you are an approved donor, you can drop off your milk donations off at Memphis Pediatrics. Please schedule your drop off with Amanda at 901-432-1591.

Location: 1255 S Germantown Rd, Germantown, TN 38138

If you want to learn more about becoming a milk donor, please click here.

Mothers' Milk Bank of Tennessee's Co-Founder and West Tennessee Regional Director, Helen Scott; Donor Mom, Brooke M.; and Depot Director, Amanda Holt at Memphis Pediatrics. Congratulations Brooke on being the first mom to drop off her donated milk at the newest Milk Drop Depot.

Donor Mom, Brooke M.; and Dr. Berger, Pediatrician at Memphis Pediatrics

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