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World Human Milk Donation Day: May 19th

Updated: May 18, 2021

For more than a decade, May 19th has been celebrated annually as the international World Human Milk Donation Day. Originating in Brazil in 2004 as a national event, the day was created to promote the importance of donating human milk to non-profit human milk banks.


May 19th is now marked by milk banks and milk bank supporters globally - and with over 750 human milk banks in 66 countries - there are very many donors to thank! It is estimated more than 800,000 at-risk infants receive donor human milk each year, which suggests well over 1 million liters of milk are donated annually in support of optimal infant nutrition and breastfeeding.

In honor of World Human Milk Donation Day, the Mothers' Milk Bank of Tennessee is running a fundraiser: all donations in the month of May will be matched by our benefactors across the State.

If you've been considering donating to a Milk Bank to support healthy babies, donate today!

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