8 ways to to be a Hero for at-risk babies in Tennessee

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

Thanks to organizations like Tennessee Initiative for Perinatal Quality Care (TIPQC), we're beginning to better understand the quality of health for premature (preemie) and at-risk infants in Tennessee.

If you are as passionate about newborn health and want to be a hero for babies across the State, here eight ways you can help MMBTN:

  1. Donate money: Thanks to donors like you, MMBTN can continue to provide pasteurized human milk to at-risk preemies and infants across Tennessee.

  2. Donate milk: We love our moms! Without their generous donations their "Liquid Gold", we certainly couldn't help provide nutrition to at-risk infants.

  3. Donate time: We are always looking for passionate volunteers to join our physical and virtual teams and help with things like pasteurization, logistics, marketing, website management, and much more!

  4. Host a fundraiser: If you'd like to host your own MMBTN fundraiser (a great thing to do during a gender reveal party or first birthday party, for example), contact us for a free poster and donation cards.

  5. Open a Milk Depot: Milk Depots are strategically located places where nursing moms can drop off their donated milk. If you'd like to host a Milk Bank in your town, contact us for more information.

  6. Tell a friend: Spread the word! Tell your friends about the great work that MMBTN is doing.

  7. Join a MMBTN committee: We are always seeking qualified individuals (MDs, RNs, Lactation Consultants, etc.) to join our various committees, especially our Medical Advisory Board.

  8. Share this post! Tell your friends - nursing moms, moms who need milk, uncles/aunts, grandparents, friends... everybody!

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