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Milk Bank 101

What's a Milk Bank?

A Milk Bank is an organization that collects, pasteurizes, and distributes donor human milk to at-risk newborns, either in Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs) or at home.

Milk Banks are accredited by the Human Milk Bank Association of North America and must adhere to strict FDA and CDC rules around food processing, such as the FDA's Current Good Manufacturing Process.

Certified staff (Product Quality Certified Individuals) ensure that MMBTN staff follow our Food Safety procedures.

What does a Milk Bank Do?

The chart below shows the standard steps in our Milk Bank process:

It's a lot of hard work, but totally worth it to provide life-giving nutrition to babies in need!

What does a Milk Depot Do?

MMBTN manages Milk Depots across Tennessee where nursing mothers can drop off donor milk. Presently, MMBTN as 12 Milk Depots across the State, but we are looking to open additional Milk Depots in strategic areas. Please contact us if you would like to sponsor a Milk Depot.

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